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Please enjoy a comfortable stay that feels the ancient city.

All rooms have “Sealy Co., Ltd.” beds.We promise you a comfortable sleep and a comfortable stay.

We welcome 1 to 2 people, groups and groups!
Please use for various purposes such as business trips, sightseeing, training, special events, ceremonial occasions.

Relax in the comfort of your room and the comfortable bed.
Because it is a little far from downtown, it is quiet at night.
We are also working on safety measures.
Please rest in peace and peace of mind.

We will provide you with a clean and comfortable stay.

Room type

There are 5 types of rooms and 126 rooms in total.
  • Single

    We value private life and can be used by one person.
    You can choose one room for each room for business trips, solo trips, and families.
    1 person
    Bed types
    Width 123 cm x 196 cm
    Number of rooms
    87 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    57 non-smoking rooms, 30 smoking rooms
  • Economy double

    The room is set for friends, couples, and couples, and we want to stay at a reasonable price.
    2 people
    Bed types
    140cm in width X 196cm in height
    Number of rooms
    18 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    12 non-smoking rooms, 6 smoking rooms
  • Double

    For friends, couples and couples, the room is larger than the economy double and has a sofa.It is selected when you want to relax and use the room widely.
    1-2 people
    Bed types
    140cm in width X 196cm in height
    Number of rooms
    10 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    4 non-smoking rooms, 6 smoking rooms
  • Economy Twin

    Customers who wish to have separate beds in the same room are choosing.The price is more reasonable than the twin room.
    2 people
    Bed types
    Width 97 cm x length 196 cm x 2 units
    Number of rooms
    9 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    Smoking only
  • Twin

    The size of the room and the width of the bed are wider than those of the economy twin, so you can choose it if you want to spend a relaxing time as much as possible.
    2 people
    Bed types
    Width 110 cm x height 196 cm x 2 units
    Number of rooms
    2 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    Smoking only
  • All Sealy Co., Ltd. beds are installed

    The material is arranged according to the part of the body to reduce overturning.
    Unpleasant pressure points between the body and the mattress block the blood flow and move the body to eliminate it. In other words, the more you wake up, the less you are in sleep. Since the strength of the pressure point varies depending on the part of the body, the pressure relief inlay divides the zone into parts and connects the most suitable material to each. The pressure points that differ depending on the part are alleviated and removed with a combination of composite materials to reduce rolling.
    Realizing orthopedic medically correct structure
    Pressure Relief Inlay is a unique creation of Sealy, which boasts collaboration with orthopedic surgeons that balances both "appropriate repulsion and support according to load" and "removal of uncomfortable pressure points and dispersion of body pressure" Structure.
    (Sealy Official HP)
  • All rooms with bathtub

    All rooms have a bath with a washlet.

    【Room amenities・Supplies】
    ●Shampoo / conditioner / body soap, "Bath towel / face towel" toothbrush
    ●Tea pack ●Paper slippers ●Deodorant spray ●Hair dryer ●Electric kettle ●Refrigerator(Sky)●TV set

    【Self- amenities (Please bring from the amenities shelf on the 1st floor)】
    ○Body towel ○Razor ○Hair brush ○cotton ○Cotton swabs ○Shower cap ○Pajamas

    【Rental items】
    Trouser presses, humidifiers, irons, desk lamps, blankets, and smartphone chargers can be rented free of charge at the front desk. (Limited quantity)
  • Free Wi-Fi connection in all rooms

    All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi.
    Wireless LAN is available free of charge in the lobby, restaurant and all guest rooms.
    Rooms also have wired internet connection.
  • Scenery from guest rooms and corridors

    This is an example of the scenery from the guest room.

    ※Because apartments and buildings are adjacent, some rooms may not have a view at all.Thank you for understanding in advance.

List of facilities in this facility

Number of rooms

126 rooms in total: 126 Western-style rooms
Western translation:87 single rooms/Economy double 18 rooms/Double 10 rooms/Economy twin 9 rooms/2 twin rooms

Standard room equipment

Telephone (extension only) / LCD TV (40-inch) / Satellite broadcasting / Empty refrigerator / Central air conditioning in the entire building (only ventilation is available depending on the season) / Bath toilet with washlet in all rooms / Hair dryer available / Wi-Fi free in all rooms Connectable

※A trouser press is available on each floor.
※Humidifiers, irons, desk lamps and blankets can be borrowed free of charge at the front desk and smartphone chargers at the front desk.
(Please understand that the number is limited. )

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


bath towel/Face towel/toothbrush/Face & hand soap/shampoo/Hair conditioner/Body soap/Hair dryer/Paper slippers

※Pajamas / body sponges / razors / hairbrushes / cotton / cotton swabs / shower caps are available in the lobby on the 1st floor.Please bring it freely.

Facility contents

Non-smoking・Completely smoking floor / 1 elevator / ice machine / vending machine(Soft drink alcohol) /Laundromat / Smoking space available

Service & Leisure (Arrange)

Taxi reservation /External massage arrangement(Pay)/ Carry service(Horikawa Inn ⇄ JR Kyoto Station Central Exit) /Delivery service(Horikawa Inn ⇄ JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit)

Credit card available locally

【credit card】
JCB / Visa / Mastercard / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners/SAISON/UFJ

【Electronic money】
Suica / ICOCA /SUGOCA / PASMO / nimoca / manaca / nanaco / WAON/
REdy / id / QUICPay

【QR code】
PayPay / auPay / ALIPAY


Standard check in time


Standard checkout time


Map of the facility

There are smoking rooms on the 2nd to 4th floors and non-smoking rooms on the 5th to 10th floors.