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Accommodation Plans

Manager's not-so-good plan

Here, we introduce the recommended seasonal plan of Kyoto Horikawa Inn General Manager.
There is also a plan created by the manager himself, so please consider it as one of the accommodation choices.
  • 【Online limited, with virus prevention goods】Safe stay 20% OFF plan

    We want our customers who come to Kyoto to stay at a cheaper price with peace of mind! With that in mind, we have prepared hygiene goods that are ideal for carrying your daily work or traveling.
    We are strengthening measures against infectious dContinue reading
  • plan with meal ticket that can be used with Ganko!

    Introducing a plan with a meal ticket that can be used for meals!
    If you choose Ganko for dinner, you can also use it for takeout!

    You can use it at "Meal Ganko" and "Yashiki Ganko".
    《For 1000 yen》《2000 yen》We have a meal voucher for "3000 yen"Continue reading