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Member information

  • Kyoto Horikawa Inn issues “A Card” as a membership card.
    It is a great value card with a high return rate that allows you to “cash back with cash” according to the number of points you earn
    It will be issued free of charge from the day of check-in! We are accepting new members!

A Card members!  Free admission fee, annual membership fee, and reissue

  • 【A Card member advantage】

    1. 1. Cashback rate No. 1 in the industry!  Cash back on the spot with cash!
     Once you earn points, you can immediately cash back at member hotel front desks.
     The more points you collect, the more reasonable it becomes, so you can save it carefully and cash back at once (up to 40,000 yen)!
     ◆With 5,500 points   ⇒ Cash back with 5,000 yen cash! (Reduction rate 9%)
     ◆With 9,750 points  ⇒ Cash back with 10,000 yen cash! (Reduction rate 10.3%)
     ◆With 19,000 points  ⇒ Cash back with 20,000 yen cash! (Reduction rate 10.5%)

    2. Earn points at member hotels nationwide
     You can collect common points at member hotels nationwide, so you can use it not only for business trips but also for travel.

    3. Issued on the spot of application. Points will be given on the same day.
     After issuing the card at the front desk, you will earn points from that day, so you can accumulate points without waste.

    ◎ Annual membership fee, admission fee, and reissue is free ◎
    Admission fee and annual fee are free. In addition, reissuance is free of charge when lost.
    Even if it is reissued, you can rest assured that the accumulated points will be transferred to the new card within one and a half years from the last use date.

    ◎ A Card point grant target ◎
    Reservations from the Official website, telephone, and A Card site are eligible.
    ※Reservation directly at the hotel is also eligible for points.
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