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Healthy breakfast made in Kyoto

Enjoy pesticide-free vegetables and rice made in Keihoku-cho, Kyoto for breakfast.
In addition, the breakfast made by an aunt who has been making breakfast for more than 20 years is a homely seasoning.
We have prepared a healthy menu centered on Japanese food that is particular about "Kyoto-ness" ☆ Please enjoy your breakfast time with the vitality of the day!

Breakfast menu example

(About changing the buffet format)
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we will offer it in the "small bowl format", while refraining from offering it in the "buffet format" for the time being.
In addition, some menus have been changed.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

【Menu example】
・Homemade omelet
・Daily change Obanzai (9 types)
・Raw vegetables from Kyoto
・Grilled fish or meat dishes
・pickles(2 types)
・White rice(From Keihoku Town)
・Bread (2 types)
・Miso soup
・corn soup
・Consomme soup

【An example of a drink menu】
・Various juices
・Coffee,Latte,Cocoa and others
・Mineral water

※It may change depending on the season.
  • Free healthy breakfast!

    It is a menu where you can choose between Japanese and Western half-buffet with gentle seasoning and passionate ingredients!
    Enjoy your meal with the vitality of the morning!
    • Japanese and Western food(Daily)Buffet

      Period available:
      From 6:30 to 9:00
  • Recommended dish

    The fluffy omelet that is handmade every day is very popular with customers!
    The breakfast staff makes it every day by tasting and trial and error, so please enjoy it!
  • Horikawa Inn Passionate Ingredients Rice

    ≪Rice made from delicious water≫

    ◎ Kyoto rice ◎
    We ship directly in partnership with a rice farmer in Kyoto who was raised in Keihoku-cho, Kyoto.The clean air of Keihoku Town and the rice made from water are soft, chewy, and the sweetness spreads in your mouth!

    《The brand of Kyoto rice changes depending on the season.》
    ・Milky Queen
    ・Bond of smile
  • Horikawa Inn Passionate Ingredients Vegetables

    ≪Fresh Kyoto Vegetables≫

    ◎ Organic Kyoto Vegetables ◎
    We purchase seasonal vegetables directly from the production area from Mr. Takamichi Kyoto Vegetables producer who was raised in Keihoku Town, Kyoto.Of course, it is an organic vegetable made without pesticides, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

    (Harvested vegetables)
    January to March:Chinese cabbage, shungiku, Shogoin radish, Kujo leek
    April to May:Komatsuna and spinach
    June to August:Spring cabbage, romaine lettuce, sunny lettuce, Kamo eggplant, Manganji pepper
    September to December:Mini tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach
    (Harvest time may be changed due to climate etc.)
  • You can also enjoy breakfast in your room!

    You can usually enjoy it at the restaurant venue, but you can also enjoy it in your room while avoiding the crowds!
    We have prepared a lunch box at the breakfast venue!
    Please take your favorite dishes and make your own "original breakfast lunch"!
    We also have containers for rice, bread, miso soup, soup, and coffee!

    ※For food hygiene, please refrain from taking it home.
     Please consume by 9:00 AM on the day.

It is a zero-eating promotion store

  • Working to reduce food loss in Kyoto Prefecture

    The hotel is committed to reducing food loss.
    We always manage food hygiene and provide breakfast that customers can eat with peace of mind.

One coin breakfast has started!

  • One coin breakfast

    We have started a one-coin breakfast so that non-guests can use it.All-you-can-eat breakfast for 500 yen! You can also take out☆
    Please use this opportunity.

    Business hours 7:00 to 9:00 (Open all year round)

    Usage fee:Junior high school students and above 500 yen Elementary school students and below 300 yen

    ※We are currently informing you that you need to make a reservation in advance to prevent the spread of the new corona infection.Even if you come directly to the hotel on the day, we will inform you if there are seats available.

    For reservations, please contact 075-212-1122 (directly to the hotel).(24-hour reception)