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Healthy “free” breakfast service

The breakfasts made by aunts over the past 20 years have been homemade.
We have a healthy menu that is particular about Kyoto!

“I want to start a day with a lot of food. ]
“I want you to enjoy your breakfast. ]

With that in mind, we offer it "free"!

Breakfast menu example

(About changing the buffet format)
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we will offer it in the "small bowl format", while refraining from offering it in the "buffet format" for the time being.
In addition, some menus have been changed.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

【Menu example】
・Daily change Obanzai (9 types)
・Raw vegetables from Kyoto
・pickles (3 types)
・White rice(Kyoto blended rice)
・Additive-free miso soup
・Bread (2 types)

【An example of a drink menu】
・100% juice (Daily)
・Mineral water

※It may change depending on the season.
  • Free healthy breakfast!

    It is a menu where you can choose Japanese or Western dishes using passionate ingredients and seasoning that is kind to the body!
    Enjoy a morning meal.
    • Japanese and Western food(Daily)Buffet

      Period available:
      6:40, ~, 9:00
  • Center Obanzai of Kyoto(One case)

  • Recommended dish

  • Horikawa Inn Passionate ingredients

    ≪Passionate local ingredients≫

    ◎ Kyoto Vegetables ◎
    We sell seasonal vegetables directly from the production area from Mr. Takamichi, a Kyoto Vegetables producer raised in Keihoku-cho, Kyoto.

    Breakfast is provided if guests can taste the seasonal vegetables raw and convey the true taste of Kyoto Vegetables.

    (Examples of harvested vegetables)
    January to March:Chinese cabbage, shungiku, Shogoin radish, Kujo leek
    April to May:Komatsuna and spinach
    June to August:Spring cabbage, romaine lettuce, sunny lettuce, Kamo eggplant, Manganji pepper
    September to December:Mini tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach
    (Harvest time may be changed due to climate etc.)

    ◎ Rice ◎
    We purchase directly from a rice farmer in Keihoku-cho immediately after harvesting.
    We are passionate about the taste and select brands so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of Kyoto rice.
    As of October 2020, we are offering Milky Queen.
    It has a chewy texture, is soft, and has a sweet taste that goes well with Kyoto's Obanzai and pickles.In addition, at Horikawa Inn, rice is cooked using a gas kettle.Enjoy the original taste of rice that cannot be served with an electric rice cooker.

It is a zero-eating promotion store

  • Working to reduce food loss in Kyoto Prefecture

    The hotel is committed to reducing food loss.
    We always manage food hygiene and provide breakfast that customers can eat with peace of mind.