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Information on this facility

“I would like to be satisfied.” All of our staff are looking forward to welcoming you.

Horikawa Inn, we welcome customers with the feeling that they want to be satisfied.

We are also working on fire prevention and safety measures, putting the customer's safe and secure stay first.

We will provide valuable services to make customers smile 365 days a year.

Smoking / Non-smoking Completely separate floor

【5th-10th floors】Non-smoking Floor
【2nd-4th floor】Smoking floor
【First floor】Front desk / Lobby / Restaurant Miyabi (Breakfast venue)

◆1 elevator
◆4th floor: Ice machine・Vending machine / 8th floor: Coin laundry・vending machine
◆Emergency stairs on each floor(Outside), Emergency veranda(Evacuation ladder)Yes

Many services are available

We offer a variety of services such as free parking, welcome drinks, rental venues, and bicycle rental.
  • Free Parking

    【10 cars】

    Free parking spaces (7 underground and 3 above ground) are available on the hotel grounds.
    ※Please note that advance reservations and reservations cannot be made.
    ※There is also a parking space for bikes and bicycles.

    ≪To customers≫

    ◆Underground carpark◆
      Limited (Car length 5.00m x car width 1.90m x car height 1.95m)
      Minivan and HIACE are available. Please use the ground parking for cars with low vehicle height.

    ◆Ground parking lot◆
      Limited (Up to 6.00m long x 1.90m wide, no height restrictions)
      There is space for disabled people (1 car)
    ※Please understand that advance reservations and reservations are not possible.

    ※Once you parked your car, you will not be able to secure it.
     Until check-out, you can park for free service.

    ※If it is full, we will guide you to a nearby coin parking.
     Please understand that the parking fee will be borne by the customer.

    ◎ Please contact the hotel directly for real-time availability ◎
  • Welcome coffee

    Uses Mitsumoto Coffee Beans.

    Enjoy the fragrant aroma and taste of freshly ground!

    We have a convenient cup to carry around.

    Open Hours

    From 15:00 to 22:00
  • Mineral water

    A natural water (Ph6.71 (soft water), hardness 66 mg) water server in Kyoto is installed.
    Please enjoy both cold and hot water.

    Open Hours

  • Coin laundry

    A coin launderette is installed on the 8th floor. (Two)

    Washing machine 40 minutes 300 yen・Dryer 30 minutes 100 yen
    Drum type(Wash・Dry)500 yen/130 minutes
    ※Detergent is automatically charged.
  • PC for internet

    A computer for the Internet that is convenient for information retrieval is installed in the 1F lobby.
    Copies and faxes are also available at the front desk!
  • Miyabi Room【Breakfast venue】

    Miyabi Room can be used as a “rental venue”.

    ◆The usage time is "from 10:30 to 22:00".
    ◆The charge is 3,000 yen including tax for 1 hour. (credit card・Available for electronic money)
    ◆"TV Monitor" and "Whiteboard" can be rented free of charge.
    ◆All seats are non-smoking.
    ◆Guests arriving by car can use the hotel parking for free until 15:00. (Number is limited * 10)

    ≪Usage record≫
    Lectures / seminars, conferences, interview venues, music concerts, Japanese sweets classes, Kyoto Vegetables sales offices, restaurant tenants, etc.

    ★We can also visit the venue at any time. Please contact the hotel for inquiries. ★
  • Bicycle rental (Pay)

    Horikawa Inn has a rental bicycle. (Number is limited / advance reservation is not possible)
    You can get on and off any place as long as you have a dedicated bicycle parking lot (with over 60 ports in Kyoto).

    You can park your car in the parking lot of our hotel and rent a bicycle to Kawaramachi city such as Kawaramachi, Karasuma, and Kyoto Station!

    No need to worry about the hassle and time of finding a parking lot, or the time of a bus or train!

    ≪How to use≫

    (1) Download the dedicated application (Pippa) in advance.
    (※App Store / Google Play Both can be downloaded※Free apps)

    ② Charge the usage fee with a credit card or Suica(From 330 yen)

    ③ Use the app to find the port where you want to unlock your bicycle and go!

    100 yen / every 30 minutes (Tax excluded)

    See the Pippa Official website for details.
  • About our approach to environmental issues

    In recent years, environmental issues have been taken on a daily basis, and the hotel has been saving energy by using a system switch type room key to protect the global environment. In addition, in order to reduce the amount of garbage generated from the guest room, amenities (razor, cotton, cotton swab, hair brush) are not installed in the guest room, but are handed over to the front desk.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in reducing waste emissions.

List of other facilities

Number of rooms

126 rooms in total: 126 Western-style rooms / 0 Japanese-style rooms / Japanese + Western-style 0 rooms / 0 other rooms
Western translation: 96 single rooms / 9 economy double rooms / 18 double rooms, 1 deluxe double room, 2 twin rooms

Standard room equipment

Telephone (internal only) Humidifier (loaned) / Desk lamp (loaned) / Iron (loaned) / Internet Wi-Fi free in all rooms

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Bath towel / Face towel / Toothbrush / Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap / Pajamas / Hair dryer / Duvet / Shower toilet / Cotton swab / Comb・brush

※Shaver / hair brush / cotton / earpick swabs are provided free of charge at the front desk.  
Humidifiers, irons and desk lamps are available free of charge at the front desk.
(However, because the number is limited, it may not be possible to meet your request.)

Facility contents

Non-smoking・Smoking Floor / Ice Maker / Vending Machine / Laundromat / AED

Service & Leisure (Arrange)

Massage (Pay)

Credit card available locally

JCB / Visa / Master / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners / SAISON / UFJ
PayPay / auPay

Standard check in time


Standard checkout time


Occupancy tax

Kyoto City Ordinance, accommodation tax per person per night from October 1, 2018 (less than 200 yen, more than 20000 yen and less than 50000 yen: 500 yen, more than 50000 yen: 1000 yen) will be charged separately.

Cancellation provisions

1 days prior: 20% of room rate
On the day of arrival: 80% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact: 100% of room rate
※If there is a cancellation policy setting for each accommodation plan, that will take precedence.


604-8263, East Side of Sanjo-agaru, Horikawa-dori, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL 075-212-1122
FAX 075-212-1128

Attached facilities・Facilities

[1F] Miyabi Room(Breakfast venue)・PC corner for internet
[4F] vending machine・Ice machine [8F] vending machine・Coin laundry


Approximately 10 underground (vehicle height 1.95m or less), 3 above ground, first-come-first-served basis (cannot be reserved). )
※In the day and festival, the day before, the use in the car has increased greatly, and it is becoming increasingly full. It is a first-come-first-served basis and cannot secure a parking lot.
(Even if you go out by car after parking, we will not leave it.)
If the car is full, we will only guide you to a nearby paid parking lot (not affiliated).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Extended surcharge

"10:00 to 11:00", 500 yen
"10:00 to 12:00", 1,500 yen
"10:00 to 13:00", 2,000 yen

※It can be extended up to 13:00.
※Depending on the availability of the day, the extension may be refused.