【Official】Kyoto Horikawa Inn

Hotel concept

Kyoto Horikawa Inn is a business hotel based on the concept of “safety, security and comfort”.

We offer clean rooms and comfortable service to make your stay comfortable.

《Location》 About 15 minutes by car from Kyoto Station.A 5-minute walk to Nijo-jo Castle World Heritage Site.
There is a bus stop 0 minutes on foot and a subway station 5 minutes on foot.
There are shopping streets and convenience stores in the surrounding area.
《Services》 Obanzai the "healthy breakfast", which is the main character of Kyoto's Obanza, for "free".
We accept baggage storage before check-in and after check-out.

《Facilities》 Very popular with customers using cars! "Free parking available(10 cars)
      Free parking until noon after check-out! (Limited number)
     ※It is not possible to reserve a parking lot in advance or secure space during your stay.

We would like to welcome you and help you make a memorable trip.

Hotel What's New

  • 【Street man history x Kyoto Horikawa Inn】Concept room(1 set limited to 1 day)☆Complimentary Breakfast

    We will hold an accommodation collaboration between Kyoto Horikawa Inn

    A concept room designed with life-sized panels and gods is available with original goods, limited to one group per day.When you open the door of the room, is there a world of "亰"? !!
    The gods are waiting for you at Kyoto Horikawa Inn

    <Odori Otoko x Kyoto Horikawa Inn Implementation Information>
    ■Accommodation plan name:Street man history concept room

    ■Accommodation period:December 1, 2021 (Wednesday) -February 28, 2022(Monday)
           ※January 8, 2022 (Saturday) -January 15, 2022(Saturday)

    ■Limited sale at Kyoto Horikawa Inn Official
     For inquiries, please call 075-212-1122!
  • 【Free public bath bathing service started on September 1, 2021 ♨】

    Only for hotel guests!
    From September 1, 2021, we started "free bathing in public baths" where you can experience the culture of public baths in Kyoto!
    (The hotel does not have a large communal bath.)


    ◆Weekdays PM3: 30-PM11: 30
     Sunday AM9: 00-PM23: 30
    (Regular holiday:Friday)

    【As a further benefit】
    ●Thron Hot Springs ⇄ Free rental bicycles (10 units) for round trips to the hotel!
    ●Towel,Soap,Free shampoo rental!

    Thron Hot Springs?It is the only public bath in Japan that has been running for Thron Hot SpringsIt is an artificial hot spring that is very close to a natural hot spring that flows directly from the water.

    ☆★☆Free bathing tickets are distributed at the front desk☆★☆
  • 【Recommended shops Kyoto Horikawa Inn】

    Why do not you eat while watching Maiko?

    At “Karasuma Rokkaku Hiroki”, you can enjoy the world of Maiko, who refuses to see it.
    How about playing in the tatami room while watching the dance of Honmamon Maiko?You can also enjoy Kyoto's long-established kaiseki cuisine!

    When you come to Kyoto, please enjoy the world of Maiko!

    【Store information】
    Karasuma Rokkaku -Hanare-
    Business day, Tuesday・Friday・Sunday
    open time, 18:00 to 20:00 (2 hours)
    ★Please check the details on the Official website below.★

    【Horikawa Inn Accommodation Benefits】
    Horikawa Inn will receive the benefit of "Premium Sake" free service!

Notice to customers

  • 【Information on coworking space】

    Use it as a place to work, study, cowork, community space, and rest until check-in time.Wi-Fi Available,Unlimited use of outlets!
    ☆Unlimited use during business hours☆

    ◆Opening Hours:From 11:00 to 17:00 

    ◆Usage fee:500 JPY(Tax included)

    ◆All non-smoking.(Number of seats:50 seats)

    ◆Bicycle parking lot(Bicycle / Motorcycle) Free※Limited number
     ※If you are arriving by car, please use the nearby parking lot.

    ◇Inside the venue, we are strengthening measures to prevent the spread of virus stains!

    ☆It can be used as a rental conference room from 17:00 to 23:00.
      3,000 yen/1 hour(For more information, please contact Horikawa, Kyoto)
  • 【About GoTo Travel Campaign】

    We would like to inform you about the correspondence at our hotel regarding the "GoTo Travel Campaign".

    Kyoto Horikawa Inn, we have been registered as a "campaign approval facility" by the Japan Tourism Agency.
    However, reservations made through "Official site reservations" and "telephone reservations" are not eligible for the campaign.(As of 11/1)

    If you are using GoTo Travel, please apply from the following site.There are conditions such as membership registration for each site.

    Target site
    【Rakuten, Jalan, RURUBU, Yahoo Travel, JAL Pack, Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia】


  • Winner of the Loved by Guests 2020 Hotels.com Award!

    This time, Kyoto Horikawa Inn, Hotels.com than like 2020 Hotels.com We received a prestigious award that Award.
    Hotels.com ™ Loved by Guests awards is awarded to hotels that have received high acclaim from reviews exclusively from guests.

    We sincerely thank our customers for their continued patronage.
    We will continue to work hard to make you more satisfied.

                         Kyoto Horikawa Inn staff
  • Received Agoda's 2020 Customer Review Award!

    We received the 2020 word-of-mouth award from Agoda.
    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our domestic and overseas customers.

    We will continue to devote ourselves to providing safe and secure accommodation.
    Thank you for your continued patronage.

                         Kyoto Horikawa Inn staff

Information on this facility

  • Free Parking

    【10 cars】

    Free parking spaces (7 underground and 3 above ground) are available on the hotel grounds.
    ※Please understand that advance reservations and space cannot be secured during your stay.
    ※There is also a parking space for bikes and bicycles.
  • Free bathing service for public baths【THORON ONSEN INARI】

    We offer a free public bath bathing service to guests of Kyoto Horikawa Inn
    Please take a bath at THORON ONSEN INARI", which is an 8-minute walk from the hotel.
    ※We will give you a bathing ticket at the front desk.
    ※There is no large communal bath in the hotel facility.

    《Bathing benefits》
    ・Free rental of towels, soap and shampoo (at a public bath)!
    ・Free rental of 10 bicycles for round trip from the hotel to the public bath!

    Please be assured that you will pass through the arcade shopping street even in the rain.

    【Opening Hours】
    Monday to saturday:From 15:30 to 23:30 
       Day:9:00 to 23:30
    ※Friday is a regular holiday.
    ※We will introduce other public baths on Friday.(Of course, other public baths are also free to bathe! )
  • Welcome drink service

    All-you-can-drink for 24 hours!

    Enjoy the fragrant aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee made with KEY COFFEE beans!

    You can also enjoy sencha, roasted green tea, and cold water freely.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Kyoto Horikawa Inn


78-1 Anehigashi Horikawa Town, Higashi Horikawa-dori Sanjo-agaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



About 15 minutes by city bus (9/50 Route 9 and 50) from JR"Kyoto Station"
10 minutes on foot from Hankyu Omiya Station
Approx. 25 minutes by car from the Meishin Expressway"Kyoto-Higashi IC" / "Kyoto-minami IC"
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About our approach to SDGs

  • Energy saving and reduction of garbage emissions

    This facility is designed to save energy by using a system switch type room key to protect the global environment. In addition, in order to reduce the amount of garbage discharged from the guest room, amenities (pajamas, razors, cotton, cotton swabs, hairbrushes) are not installed in the guest room, but are handed over at the front desk. ..
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in reducing waste emissions.

    《SDGs goals》
    7. Energy for everyone and clean
    13. Enjoy specific measures against climate change.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.